Affiliation and Fiscal Sponsorship Partners

What Are Affiliate and Fiscal Sponsorship Partners?

Affiliation and fiscal sponsorship are collaborative frameworks within the nonprofit sector, but they serve distinct purposes and have different operational implications.

An affiliation typically involves a partnership or relationship between organizations wherein they maintain their separate identities but might share resources, expertise, or branding to achieve mutual objectives. It’s a cooperative arrangement that allows entities to benefit from shared infrastructure, knowledge, or outreach without merging or losing their unique identities.

Fiscal sponsorship, on the other hand, refers to a formal arrangement in which an established nonprofit (the sponsor) offers financial and administrative services to a smaller or emerging group (the recipient). In this setup, the sponsor manages grant funds, donations, and other financial aspects on behalf of the recipient, allowing the latter to operate under the former’s tax-exempt status without having to establish its own separate nonprofit entity.

While both models emphasize collaboration, fiscal sponsorship is more about financial and administrative oversight, whereas affiliation centers on cooperation and shared goals.

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Affiliate Partners

La Crosse Area Community Foundation allows affiliate organizations to leverage resources, expertise, and support. Affiliate organizations maintain their distinct identity, mission, and often their own boards but benefit from the foundation’s broader infrastructure and financial management. Affiliating with the La Crosse Area Community Foundation enables organizations to grow their impact, reach, and sustainability while remaining focused on their core objectives.

La Crosse Area Community Foundation currently affiliates with two organizations, including:

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Fiscal Sponsorship Partners

La Crosse Area Community Foundation also serves as a fiscal sponsor for burgeoning nonprofit organizations, providing them with financial oversight, essential administrative support, and strategic guidance. Through fiscal sponsorship, the foundation ensures that small nonprofits, especially those in their formative stages, can seamlessly access funding, navigate complex financial landscapes, and focus primarily on their mission without being burdened by intricate fiscal responsibilities.

La Crosse Area Community Foundation currently fiscally sponsors: