Scholarship Recipient FAQs

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship from one of our funds. Below are commonly asked questions by students (or parents) after receiving a scholarship award.

How are scholarship payments made?

Student recipients of a scholarship from a La Crosse Area Community Foundation scholarship fund must complete the Scholarship Recipient Form to confirm the award and eligibility criteria, submit required supporting documents, and provide the school information needed for payment purposes. Checks are mailed directly to schools and applied to student accounts. Many schools do not apply awards to student accounts until several weeks in to the semester. In most instances if the scholarship award is over $500, half will be applied fall semester and half spring semester.

What about next year (for renewing scholarship payments)?

Renewal letters with instructions are mailed in late April each year to students with renewing scholarship awards.  Students need to complete the Scholarship Recipient Form prior to the start of the school year.  The form requires students to attach an unofficial transcript for all courses taken, including the spring semester. The document attached must show the student’s full name and the name of the school. La Crosse Area Community Foundation reviews submitted information before approving the award and sending payment for the next academic term.

What if I need to defer my scholarship?

If you need to defer your scholarship for any reason, you will need prior approval from the La Crosse Area Community Foundation 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester of the intended scholarship payment date.  You may defer your scholarship for up to one year. Unclaimed scholarships are cancelled December 31st of every year. If you have questions or think you may need to defer your scholarship please contact us right away by calling (608) 782-3223 x 23 or emailing

What if I change schools or majors?

Each scholarship award has set criteria often including specific schools or majors. When you received the original award, you met this criteria. If you changed schools, majors or dropped out of school, you may no longer meet this criteria. This means you would be ineglible for any renewing scholarship payments. When a student requests a scholarship payment they are agreeing to keep La Crosse Area Community Foundation informed of any changes in school, major, or enrollment. Please contact La Crosse Area Community Foundation right away to notify us of any changes by calling (608) 782-3223 or emailing

How do I say thanks?

The donors or committee members involved in awarding scholarships always appreciate hearing from you. We encourage you to send thank you notes and updates to La Crosse Area Community Foundation that our staff can share with those individuals. Please make sure you include the name of your scholarship award when sending any correspondence.


More questions? We are here to help.

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