Why Plan with LACF

La Crosse Area Community Foundation offers a variety of ways to invest in our community, now and well into the future. We strive to be flexible to ensure we can work with each donor to create funds that truly and precisely match their vision. Those who wish to endow their fund are choosing the most sustainable and long-lasting way to support this community we all love. And those who prefer to spend their funds down are able to have a bigger impact right away in helping the causes most important to them. The choice is up to each unique person, couple, family, business, or nonprofit who chooses to start a fund.

As a professional advisor, you play an important role in helping your clients achieve their goals to provide for their loved ones and the charities they are passionate about. The La Crosse Area Community Foundation is a valuable resource for you and your clients. The Foundation works with generous donors and nonprofit organizations in the region every day, so staff can assist you with matching your clients’ charitable goals with local needs and opportunities.