Mission & History



The first community foundation was established over 100 years ago in Cleveland, OH. La Crosse residents followed suit only 15 years later at the urging of the La Crosse County Bar Association. Only July 21, 1930 the Board of Directors of the La Crosse Trust Company (now TrustPoint) adopted a Resolution and Declaration of Trust creating the La Crosse Community Trust. In May of 1991, the name was officially changed to La Crosse Community Foundation.

Our Guiding Principles

At all times we strive to adhere to these principles for our donors, nonprofit partners, and the community:

  • We open our doors to everyone and anyone who aspires to build upon the contributions of the past and present to shape our county’s shared future
  • We exist to amaze those we serve through nurturing lifelong relationships that span generations
  • We believe diverse voices, engagement, and participation are essential to building and sustaining thriving communities
  • We are flexible, responsive, open to innovative strategies, and able to take prompt action with ease
  • We believe in the transformative power of partnerships around shared passions and objectives
  • We are dedicated to being trusted stewards of our community’s past and future assets